The Tombs by Deborah Schaumberg (3.5 out of 5) 

I love the cover! I pulled this out of a box of Winter 2018 advances because I believed it to be a steampunk novel. Not quite, and not quite sure how to title it. 

Avery lives with her dad, working 14 hour days as a welder, barely making ends meet, and mourning the loss of her mother three years ago. Her mom had unusual gifts that attracted the notice of the wrong people, the much feared crow men of The Tombs, the city’s asylum. Her mom is in nothing short of solitary confinement, and Avery harbors little to no hope of ever seeing her again. Until her not-yet-tapped powers overtake her and cause an explosion at the ironworks factory, and then Avery is under the microscope herself, and after going on the run from the evil doctor who took her mom away, she joins forces with several friends and co-workers to get the answers, be safe, and try to get to her mom. There are nothing less than ten million things distracting Avery along the way, and that got tiresome. Now I know how anyone who talks to me feels! Is she trying to get answers to save her friends? Is she trying to save her mom? Is she in love with this guy, that guy, or the rhubarb pie? Would her dad be able to quit tinkering with clocks in enough time to realize his time is running out? So many characters, so many illegal U-turns, so many untouched slices of crow pie. And so many things left to dangle in the open. I was mighty confused with her wayward heart and the two suitors. What the hell was going on there, anyway? She wants Coke, she wants Pepsi, yet she ends up dehydrated. She loves her mom and wants info about her own powers, but when the time comes to use them, she is busy questioning the absence of friends of hers. The ending didn’t tie up well with me, especially one sacrifice in particular. One of the reprehensible cow patties gets his, but the other skates free. There is exultation and joy, but muted because she still has no clue what went down. Neither, sadly, does the reader. Way too many distractions and characters who play a role in but then just go bye-bye. Great premise, but really…what the hell? If it turns out that she is planning a sequel to this, then maybe those things will be addressed. If not, well…what the hell?

“The Tombs” is slated for release by Harper Teen on February 20, 2018. 

~ by generationgbooks on August 8, 2017.

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