The Unlikely Story of A Pig In The City by Jodi Kendall (5 out of 5) 

I LOVED this middle school delight. Someone is going to compare it to the movie “Babe”. That’s perfectly alright, but I love Hamlet more than I loved Babe. Yes, Hamlet is the adorable little piglet that Tom, Josie’s brother, brings home to the Shilling apartment on Thanksgiving. Tom rescued Hamlet from a farm and has to give Hamlet a home for the time being. Josie immediately forms a connection with him after holding him for the first time. The only problem with Josie keeping Hamlet is that the apartment is small and overcrowded. And it’s not fair to a farm animal to keep them locked up when they are used to being outdoors. Josie sets out on a journey to find a forever home for Hamlet. Can she do it? And if she does, can she let him go? She’s head over heels for Hamlet, as is the family. Sometimes, though, the hardest thing is to let someone you love go. This is a wonderfully funny and heartwarming story for kids ages 8-11. This 44 year old kid loved it. 

“The Unlikely Story of a Pig in the City” is out October 3, 2017, from Harper Collins. I strongly encourage you to pick up a copy for your kiddos. 


~ by generationgbooks on August 9, 2017.

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