Finders Keepers (Bill Hodges #2) by Stephen King (3 out of 5) 

No image for this post. I have uploaded the picture of the cover five times. FIVE! But it won’t upload, no matter what I do. So it is imageless. Blame that troublesome bitch Mercury Retrograde. 

This is the second of the Bill Hodges trilogy, following “Mercedes Man”, which coincedentally, is now a TV series on the Audience Channel. I tore through that one, especially enjoying the camrarderie amongst Bill, Holly, and Jerome. It was a clicker of a book and kept my interest. I tore through this book quickly, but there was no appearance of the good recently retired detective for whom the trilogy is named, until more than halfway through. King has to set his scene, and this was no different. Reclusive author John Rothstein created an iconic character in one Jimmy Gold, but stopped writing after that, moved to a farm, and turned into a hermit. Crazy Morris Bellamy reads the last book in the Jimmy Gold trilogy and wigs the hell out because Rothstein wrote the character into a happy ever after lifestyle. He hatches a plot with two hoods, finds and kills Rothstein, steals mountains of cash from his home, and finds what he considers a true “find”- notebooks with longhand writings that contain a Jimmy Gold book never heard of…until now. And Morris has it! He kills his two accomplices, buries the loot and notebooks in a secret location, and ends up on a bender, which ends with him raping and assaulting a waitress. This gets him sent up the river for 25-30. Many years later, the waitress decides to grant him forgiveness after she gets sick, and Morris is set free. He goes to retrieve his unlawful gains, and it’s gone. Of course it is, because the kid who’s living in Morris’ old house found it. Morris is a vengeful and vindicative loonburger who wants what he believes belongs to him, and he sets about doing whatever- including murdering- anyone who gets in his way. Bill and Holly now run a business called Finders Keepers, and Pete’s terrified sister hires them to find out what secret her little brother is Pete. Jerome wanders in not long after, and they have a short amount of time to stop Morris before he exacts lethal justice on Pete. Can the Three Amigos pull it off again? Of course, King has his way of letting us know that the trio-and the readers- are not quite finished with Brady, aka “Mercedes Man” from the first novel, by having Bill visit the murdering psychopath in the hospital where he is kept, and several spooky scenes toward the end. Those were great scenes. I was totally on board with that struggle. The Morris vs. the Three? Not quite as invested. I wanted to get the book over with. I think I find it so unlikely that a reader will go that loony tunes over a series of books, and I did enjoy the tie-up to that angle, but I really want to get back to whatever that kook Brady is up to, because there is one more Bill Hodges book from King, and this was a nice respite between the beginning and the end. But not edge-of-the seat by any means. 

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