The Dire King (Jackaby #4) by William Ritter

The last installment of the RF Jackaby series by William Ritter is bittersweet. I have been charmed by this eccentric investigator and his paranormal band of compadres for several years now. This latest book finds an evil king waiting in the shadows, twisting old world tensions into modern day warfare. Undead people start appearing in undead droves, detective Charlie Cane’s long distant family surfaces, adding more tension to an already fraught situation, and Jackaby fights his feelings for ghost lady Jenny, while poor Abigail is overwhelmed by her feelings for Charlie and fear of world destruction on high. New Fiddleham, New England may not survive this latest bout of pure evil. Nor may Jackaby and his associates.

This was as wry humored as the others, but there is a bittersweet tinge to it, as the reader is well aware that this is it, in regards to the series ending. It’s also pretty action packed, and the new characters introduced play important parts in the way things play out, so no extraneous people hanging around this set. The two romances see their fair share of the plot, and the ending is so “whoa!” that no one should get pissed at it. The only thing that made me yawn was the middle part of the book, with the unspectacular dialect wars and some boring happenstance that is worth not glossing over. Pretty great as the ends of a YA series go. If you think a paranormal Sherlock Holmes takeoff sounds good, it is…try this series. I will greatly miss the Jackaby books.

~ by generationgbooks on September 8, 2017.

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