Spoiler Alert: The Hero Dies: A Memoir of Love, Loss, and Other Four-Letter Words by Michael Ausiello (5 out of 5)

That’s a crappy picture of the cover of a fantastic book. Thanks, Instagram. Never mind that silly picture, or your book blogger’s ineptness with social media. You SHOULD pay attention, however, to what I am telling you about this book. Meaning…go get a copy!!!! As soon as possible! It is out now in hardcover, courtesy of Atria Books (Simon & Schuster). GO GET A COPY!

2017 has been one of the shittiest years I have had in a long time. I lost some very close friends at the beginning of the year, and at the end of August, my best guy friend passed away from leukemia the day after he was diagnosed. The fact that he was a great soul makes it harder. I read the late Nina Riggs’ book earlier in the spring, and I was a weeping basketcase, but I was so moved by her spirit, her elegance in her remaining days, and the life she imbued on every page of what turned out to be her final story. Michael Ausiello’s story is no less moving, but in sharing it with us, we get to know a wonderful man, his partner and husband Kit Cowan. And we get to know Michael and their love story, as well. I spent so much of this book crying my eyes out, and I spent so much of this book laughing and marvelling at the human spirit and our capacity to love, even on our darkest days. Michael is a well known celebrity reporter with a well known online magazine and he’s in a happily committed relationship with his partner of 12 years, Kit, when Kit has discomfort that gets so bad he goes to a specialist to get checked out. He’s diagnosed with neuroendocrine cancer, an extremely rare and aggressive form, and after a litany of doctors, he and Michael find out that he has stage 4 cancer and a year or less to live. The couple go through the grieving process, but decide the time is long overdue and they get married. A celebration of their love, realistic explorations of the cancer and what both Kit and Michael have to go through after the grim diagnosis, as well as having to face the music and try to figure out how to move on without your amazing love, make this a book that everyone should read. For every pilot of the human spirit who sparks something within all of us, rarer is that meteor who streaks through many lives and touches all he reaches. Christopher “Kit” Cowan was one of those meteors. And thanks to Michael, we all have the luck of knowing and loving him as much as his husband did. This book will make you cry, yes, but it will also make you so grateful that you got the chance to know them both, and be a witness to their incredible story. We have all been blessed with that, thanks to Mr. Ausiello. And we thank him for that. 

~ by generationgbooks on September 23, 2017.

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