All the Beautiful Lies by Peter Swanson (5 out of 5) 

I had two friends who requested my company yesterday, my other day off this week. I had finished a very funny bio about growing up with technology through the years (review coming) Thursday night and found this beauty sitting on my new cleaned off third bookshelf. (THREE? Yes, I have a problem). I was eager to start it, and got 40 pages knocked off in the first hour of the morning. Then I came home, cleaned out my room because it was horrid, my other friend came by, and then we went to a late lunch. That was a long lunch; such was the state of her discontent and my advice to help it. I got home and immediately went back to reading. It took two hours, but I finished it. Oh boy. It’s creepy, fatalistic, and fantastic! I should also mention it isn’t out until next April, 2018. I got this from Kaitlin at William Morrow, aka Harper Collins. I’m going to say it once. If you want a comparison to another book, the VIBE throughout this was similar to Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl, but with one major difference. I loathe that book. I LOVE this book. The level of sheer creepiness that runs through it reminded me of when I read Flynn’s book years ago. I have not read Peter Swanson up until this, but I will have to invest in his backlog. Get this book when it releases next spring! 

Harry Ackerson is on the verge of graduating from college when he receives an anguished phone call from his stepmom Alice, telling him that his father is dead, having fallen off a path he liked to walk on. He leaves and heads to Maine, where he finds the police investigating, although they seem to be leaning toward suicide as a probable cause of Bill’s death. Harry is mildly put off by his stepmom, namely because she puts him ill at ease with semi-flirtatious vibes and her laid-back attitude. Yet she seems genuinely grief-stricken. Harry cooperates with the cops, and finds himself helping out at his dad’s bookstore, since that’s now up in the air. At the funeral, Harry notices a dark haired young lady and asks his stepmom who it is. Alice says she has no idea, and then admits to Harry that his father was having an affair with a lady named Annie who worked in the bookstore on and off. She then tells him that Annie’s husband found out about the affair and likely they killed his father. Harry doesn’t know what to believe but he tracks the young lady from the funeral down and finds out SHE is the one who had the affair with his dad, and Grace warns him to get careful of Alice. Grace then ends up dead. Her sister flies in from out of state, and she begins questioning Harry about everything. Harry ends up getting attacked and ends up in the hospital, with a worried Alice by his side. Grace’s sister…who Harry  has a chemistry with that can’t be ignored…is attacked in her hotel room and presumed dead. That’s what’s going on on the present, people. This doesn’t even touch on Alice’s past, which is told in then and now narrative, to give you more of an idea of the other side of this story. What a story! Twists, turns, and curveballs all over the place. I really had no idea what was going on! And when I got to the end and things were explained, well, unbelievable. Just the perfect psychological suspense story. Chills down the spine and the whole thing. Get this book when it comes out in April, 2018! 

~ by generationgbooks on December 3, 2017.

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