What Does This Button Do? An Autobiography (5 out of 5) by Bruce Dickinson 

My apologies for the lack of posts. It is December and I am a retail manager. Enough said. 

I was very excited to see that this was coming out when I spotted it in an article earlier in the year. I ordered it in February, because when your memory regarding books is constantly spitting new entries into your split pea brain, this is how you keep up. Bruce Dickinson has been lead singer of Iron Maiden for over thirty years. He’s also not limited to roles as author of humor books, fencer, actor, history buff, aviation entrepeneur, motivational speaker, beer brewer, airline captain, solo artist, cancer survivor, among other roles not addressed in the book (family man). The one thing I walked away from is that while this is an autobiography of one of the best singers to grace heavy metal, it doesn’t rustle the pages of the Iron Maiden handbook much. There aren’t soul ravaging paragraphs about leaving Iron Maiden, or rejoining. It’s a very matter-of-fact document, and told with a lot of wry, tongue-in-cheek humor. Other areas of Dickinson’s life are laid out and recounted, with humor and it reads seemlessly throughout his adventures. Because Bruce Dickinson is a guy who doesn’t like to remain idle, and this memoir is a great example of his squeezing so many different travels into his life so far. The thing that is absolutely amazing to me is that when I finished reading this, I had almost forgotten who Bruce Dickinson is. That he is the lead singer of Iron Maiden, because he so seamlessly invites the reader into the carousel of his life, and you never have any idea what door you will open next, and what will be waiting on the other side. And what an absolutely wonderful thing that is, in a year of many disappointing memoirs. I would highly recommend this not only to the music fan in your life, but to someone who will appreciate the kaleidoscope that has been Dickinson’s life this far. 

“What Does This Button Do?” is a current New York Times bestseller, and currently available in hardcover. 

~ by generationgbooks on December 8, 2017.

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