Bonfire by Krysten Ritter(4 out of 5)

Some Hollywood luminaries wrote books last year, and some of them were crap. I am happy to report this was NOT one of them! The star of the popular “Jessica Jones” series proves that she isn’t just a damn good actress; she’s also a damn good writer. One of the better suspense stories I read at the end of 2017. And once you get pulled into the town of Barrens, Indiana, there was no escape until all was said and done.

Abby Williams left the bitter stench of her hometown behind her and moved on to a promising career as an environmental attorney. Her newest case takes her back to her hometown and against a company that did “much” for Barrens after she left, from helping to build community centers to awarding scholarships. The only problem is that the company may be poisoning the residents of Barrens in the process (mysterious, long lasting illnesses, inexplicable rashes, and birth defects among the symptoms). Abby wonders what happened to Kaycee, her former best friend from school, who was very sick their last year of high school. Everywhere she turns, she hits brick walls, from former frenemies who may now work for the company under fire, to former classmates accused of nefarious crimes against other classmates. There’s a lot of curve balls, and this is one story that Abby can’t run from, nor can she choose to just leave Barrens, such is her desire to break open not only what’s going on with the company, but with the shady former schoolmates who suddenly find time to be her best buddy, and what happened to Kaycee. Throw in some family stress, and the reader has no idea where it’s going. Riveting, realistic, and yes, gritty, Ritter does a fantastic job of drawing her characters, coloring them with many different colored pencils, and imbuing the canvas with some sharp splashes to turn a Klimt into a Renoir. I hope there’s another book in her future. This one was pretty fucking great.

~ by generationgbooks on January 10, 2018.

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