Look for Me by Lisa Gardner (3 out of 5)

This was an advance. I think I have read Lisa Gardner in the past, but it’s been awhile. I just wasn’t digging this one. I picked it up and put it down 5-6 times before I started getting into it. It’s already out in hardcover in your local bookstore. The D.D. Warren character is ongoing in Gardner’s work…this is the 9th book featuring the tough-as-nails lady detective.

D.D. Warren is looking forward to spending the day with her husband and son and buying a dog. A phone call changes that. A family of four has been murdered, with seemingly no motive. When Warren arrives at the scene, she finds out that the oldest daughter and the family’s two blind dogs are missing. They put out a BOL on Roxy (the missing daughter) and D.D. and her team start trying to figure out if Roxy is on the run because she is terrified or if it’s because she’s guilty of murdering her family. Throw in vigilante violent crime survivor Flora Dane and Sarah, her accomplice, and it’s a crowded field of peeps looking for the perp(s). Too crowded, in this reader’s opinion. The unraveling of the younger sister’s life and possible gangland participation, as reason for the murders, makes sense, but when that angle reveals itself, it seems that avenue is paved with Legos and not legit motive. The reader may elaborate far too long on the intricate gang tattoo on the murdered girl’s face. They go into detail about Bianca, the mom, and her alcoholic past, foster care and evils that lurked there for her kids. They dive into the ex husband and his possible motives. There is no stone, nor suspect, left unturned. And again, like the number of people involved in the investigation, there are too many suspects to guarantee this a viable read. This reader got so annoyed at all of the persons milling around, and felt like that took a lot away from the plot, as well as trampling all over the scene of the crime. When the end comes and the team figures out what happened and who did what, you’re so exasperated that you call it a day and hope they all choke to death on a Vlasic. This is a good enough book, if you have sacks of patience laying in your shelf with the daily laundry. I would send you in another direction for nail-biting intrigue.

~ by generationgbooks on March 25, 2018.

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