Lies You Never Told Me by Jennifer Donaldson (4 out of 5)

This book was a pleasant surprise. I was hesitant to even start it after a underwhelming May with the books. Still reading, but it has been a haywire month and what I did read wasn’t lights out fantastic. I haven’t blogged as much, either, because I was getting discouraged. However, it has improved with the past few titles. This was one of them!

I am not sure if this came from the ABA Indie White Box, the publisher, or if I won it in a giveaway. The book itself will be out this month, brought to us by the fine folks at Razorbill, an imprint of Penguin Random House. In case I wasn’t obvious enough, I loved it!

Gabe and Sasha have been dating for awhile, but after he has a near-death experience, he realizes he no longer loves her, and he breaks it off with her. He can’t stop thinking about the girl who rescued him after his accident and saved him by calling 911. He sees her at school one day, and point blank asks if it was her. Enter Catherine, aka Cat. She’s a loner and introvert who bolts after admitting it was her, but asks Gabe to leave it alone. Have you ever tried telling a teen boy to leave you alone when you catch their eye? Not happening. Meanwhile, Sasha begins pulling some shady stuff, and it looks to all like Gabe has gone psycho and stalker on his ex girlfriend. Meanwhile, Elyse is trying out for the lesser part of a nurse in the school play of Romeo & Juliet, but her theater teacher tells her to read for the part of Juliet, and then awards her that part instead, over her close friend and theater vet Brynn. Elyse doesn’t wonder why she got the part, because she’s too busy making goo-goo eyes at Aiden, her theater teach. They begin an illicit affair, which she must hide from her recovering addict mom. The paths of Gabe and Elyse end up intersecting by the end of the book, and it is quite a mind**ck. As in, “I should have seen that coming”. If your teen (or you) like an absorbing psychological read, this is the one for you.


~ by generationgbooks on May 20, 2018.

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