Believe Me by JP Delaney (5 out of 5)

JP Delaney’s last book, The Girl Before, was a revelation to me. I had seen it in hardcover, but for some reason, I never got to it until it came out in paperback. And I loved it because it was quite unconventional in not only the premise, but also the execution. I had so many feels going on after I was done. And so many questions! This title is out on July 24, 2018. I suggest you put it on your TBR list if you like “Whoa!”-style psychological thrillers. This is going to be one of them for the summer.

Claire is a struggling actress who does side work. That side work is to cozy up to married men, get them to proposition her, get proof, and deliver it to her boss to bring to the spouse. Acting, it seems, doesn’t quite pay the bills for Claire. Besides that, she also uses this side assignment as a way to expand her acting repertoire. It’s all going okay until the wife of one of her lures ends up murdered. The same woman that Claire has met and who warned her to be careful of Patrick, the husband in question. Harry, the detective who hires Claire for these assignments, tells Claire that Patrick is the main suspect. Not unusual, given this is the case in many crimes of passion. He tells her that they want to hire her to get close to Patrick, in hopes of smoking him out. There’s also the added bonus of her getting her green card and not being deported. She goes for the offer. There’s only one problem- she falls head over tail for Patrick, and tells Harry and the shrink to stuff it, she is quitting out of love. But is she still playing a part? Patrick starts to wonder, the reader starts to wonder, even Claire herself starts to wonder. This whole book is a twisty pretzel. Every chapter is a nail biter and I was fucking stunned at the end of it. Similar to Delaney’s first book, but more so. They just get better and better. This one is out the end of July. Give it a shot.

~ by generationgbooks on June 11, 2018.

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