Give Me Your Hand by Megan Abbott (4 Out of 5)

This one comes out July 17, 2018. I haven’t read Megan Abbott in awhile, but I liked the one before this a lot. I got this as an advance from the generous folks over at Little Brown. Definitely in the psychological thriller category. And it is really, really disturbing on several levels.

Kit Owens was friends with the mysterious Diane Fleming all through high school. Diane sparks the fire of scientifical knowledge in Kit, and despite their estrangement into adulthood (after Diane confides something VERY disturbing to Kit), that passion stays with her and she follows it into a promising career in science. Kit is up for a prestigious position in Dr. Severin’s lab, but her hopes quickly take a dive when she finds out her long-lost former friend (and now a scientific wonder in her own right) Diane is ALSO up for the same job. Diane comes in to work with Kit and her team in the meantime, and she seems to believe none of that bad juju happened with her and Kit decades ago. Except…well, it did. A very strange game of cat and mouse ensues, and people on the team start dying. An accident happens and Kit is forced to take advantage of Diane’s far generous offer to help her out of a tight spot. Is Diane legit? Is she cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs? Is she setting Kit up to take the fall, or is Kit the one starting to lose her marbles? I had NO IDEA what was happening here, even as it was happening. And I do not say that in a bad way, either. I was gobsmacked the last half of the book. It is a hell of a book. Give it a shot when it comes out in July.

~ by generationgbooks on June 20, 2018.

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