We Sold Our Souls by Grady Hendrix (4 out of 5)

I am a fan of Grady Hendrix. I have read “My Best Friend’s Exorcism” and “Paperbacks from Hell” and enjoyed both. This was my favorite book of his, thus far. I tweeted him to let him know I loved every chapter title being a heavy metal album of prominence. I didn’t hear back, but I get it- he’s a busy guy. It’s hard to slap a genre on the guy, too. I wouldn’t say straight up horror, nor straight up sci-fi. Plus throw a lot of humorous fiction into it. A lot of A.J. Martinez similarities, but I think Grady has some more darkness in his work. However you cut it, it’s good shit.

Durt Wurk was a heavy metal band in the 90’s, poised for great success…but then two things happened. The advent of grunge, and lead singer Terry breaks the band up and heads off to be a breakout star, as the leader of Koffin. The former band members aren’t doing well at all. Kris Pulaski is the former guitarist, drowning in debt and working as a night manager at a Best Western. Things go from bad to worse when she realizes that Terry’s sudden fame may have resulted from his selling her soul. Obviously, Kris does not take this well, and sets out to track down the other band members of Durt Wurk, and shit gets REAL. She heads out to confront Terry in person, at his monumental metal fest in Las Vegas. There is a rather entertaining stay at a Satanic rehab center along the way, and Hendrix’s dark humor carries along the sadder, imminent (plot development) parts of our story. Kris also finds a female friend/travelling companion/Koffin groupie named Melanie who tags along for the latter half of the book, which brings balance to the plot and offers up a nice dose of Thelma & Louise, with a supernatural twist. I wish Melanie had been in more of the book; she was a breath of fresh air. Will Kris be able to reclaim her soul and get credit for her work? Will Terry be defeated? Do people die? Is Great stuff from Hendrix. Highly recommended for fans of dark, twisted humor, Supernatural (TV show), and A.J. Martinez. ” “We Sold Our Souls” is out on September 18th from Quirk Books.

~ by generationgbooks on August 25, 2018.

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