When You Read This by Mary Adkins (5 out of 5)

Don’t rush out to get it….until February, 2019. Or pre-order it from your local bookstore. Another advance that I immediately passed onto Shirley of the Lit Bandits. She loved it, as well. Get your damn Kleenex out; you will need them! The book is out February 5, 2019 and published by Harper Collins.

Iris Massey had worked for years at a PR agency with her friend Simon Simonyi, until she finds out she has cancer. She keeps on working as long as she can. After she has passed away, Simon finds out she had been keeping a blog with funny, intelligent, and heartbreaking posts for six months leading up to her passing. He also finds out that her final wish for him was to publish her musings as a book. Simon has to get the okay from her sister Jade, a haute chef who’s a little highly strung and grieving heavily. Before he can get her approval, his nimrod, overly enthusiastic, assistant Carl fucks it up and sends emails to Jade that not only sends her and Simon on a collision course, but also jeopardizes Iris’ final project. Told in blog posts, narratives from Iris, and emails between the characters, this book was so full of life considering the main life force was a recently deceased 33 year old spitfire. And also funny, reminiscent of life going on after those you love have gone, and heartbreaking in parts. Yes, you will cry. But it’s a wonderful cry. Just as much as it’s a wonderful book.

~ by generationgbooks on November 21, 2018.

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