G’s Gift Guide: FOR THE MUSIC FAN: Thanks A Lot, Mr. Kibblewhite: My Story by Roger Daltrey (5 out of 5)

I wasn’t always enamored with The Who. My love of classic rock is well known, but I was one of those people who really loved one or five Who songs, but not the entire catalog. That worship was found at the altar of The Beatles, The Stones, ELO, Jimi, and The Doors. Sometime in the last ten years, I found myself digging into their catalog, and not just liking it, but LOVING it. I was a big fan of Keith Moon; not only the drumming, but the antics. I have always liked Daltrey’s voice, and Entwhistle’s steady bass. Pete Townsend was the one who always puzzled, and often bugged, me. Then his memoir, Who I Am, came out. I bought it and read it, and an amazing thing happened. I liked him a little more, yes, but the tone of his bio was often pretentious. I didn’t dig that. When I heard Roger had a book coming out, I was excited. I’m excited to report it didn’t let down. From his humble beginnings (including the identity of the Kibblewhite in the memoir’s title) to the unlikely start in The Who up to the highs and lows, life and death, and yes, the music, Daltrey’s look at his life and the lives of those around him, is surprisingly down-to-earth, funny, and heartwarming. There isn’t an ounce of ego in this book. How fucking refreshing. It’s a quick read and a welcome one, at that. Go out and grab a copy for that music fan in your life!

~ by generationgbooks on November 28, 2018.

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