An Unwanted Guest by Shari Lapena (4 out of 5)

This would have been 5 stars, except your blogger was quite annoyed at the sheer number of dead bodies by the end of the book. And of course it’s not the result of the winter storm all of our guests are in that’s the cause of the body’s the all too common human foibles at fault. I had previously read two of her other books, and wasn’t terribly enamored with either. From THAT angle, this book was a huge improvement. But again, all of those bodies. The book is currently out and available in hardcover at your local independent bookstore. I won this advance through Goodreads.

Mitchell Inn in upstate New York seems like an idyllic getaway. Ten different guests converge upon the resort the same weekend that a furious winter storm arrives. Power gets knocked out quickly, and one of the guests is murdered. It seems like every one of these guests have secrets, not to mention the proprietors of the resort have their own skeletons. The atmosphere is chilling and written well into the plot that Lapena brings to the table. Some of these people need an attitude adjustment, and some of them get it, via murder. Lapena writes them into such interesting moral corners that murder is almost the only way to redemption. There was only one character that needed to have their yap duct taped shut, and the author took care of that character, and in fitting fashion. This was a very Agatha Christie-type mystery and an edge of the seat all of the way. Only one minor misstep made me take a star off of the rating, because it was a head scratcher. But seriously, if you want to start with Shari Lapena’s catalog, start with this one. Good, solid stuff.

~ by generationgbooks on December 11, 2018.

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