Life Will Be The Death of Me..and you too! by Chelsea Handler (4 out of 5)

I’ve read them all. All of Chelsea Handler’s books. I used to watch her show. I have to admit that I haven’t watched her since she hit the Netflix, but I have to ration “me time” carefully these days, and I haven’t gotten to her yet. I still think she’s hilarious, but I can honestly say this is a side of her I haven’t seen. This book is serious business, friends. With the trademark Chelsea humor. I go forth with my review with this disclaimer: it’s not all fun and games at the Chelsea Corral this time around.

Chelsea’s book opens with her (like many were)….dreaming of the first woman president in 2016. Once she woke up from that dream, the recurrent nightmare that continues on makes her realize she’s heartily sick of the elitist bubble she lives in. Fancy house, nice cars, personal assistants for personal assistants…she isn’t sure who she is anymore. Her new psychiatrist makes her realize the world is going to hell in a knitting circle, so Chelsea decides to do her part and launches into self-suffiency, something she isn’t really used to. She cleans up dog shit, cleans the house, learns how to work her remote, etc. She also dives further into her family history; her brother’s tragic death, her mother’s long battle with cancer, and her father’s coping mechanisms, among other serious fare. It makes her more aware of her own coping mechanisms, and how she treats others. Chelsea’s scathing disappointment over the results of the election lead to a newfound awareness of the political landscape she’s living in, leading to her finding her political voice. And Robert Mueller. Yes, THAT Robert Mueller. She develops quite the thing for Mr. Mueller. Another hilarious reckoning for the reader. I really hate to say it but our Chelsea may be…gasp!…growing up. There is an overall serious tone to the book that hasn’t been present in any of her previous books. Reading about her losing her brother in a tragic accident? Gutwrenching. About losing her mom to cancer? So sad. About watching her father grow old? Even more gutwrenching, for personal reasons. But there’s always hope. And there remains the sarcastic undercurrent of humor, so all is not lost in the sea of seriousness. I would highly recommend this, with the caveat that there aren’t as many hijinks as we are used to with Chelsea, but a new side of her revealed. Her fans will love it; I certainly did.


~ by generationgbooks on April 15, 2019.

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