Then It Fell Apart by Moby (3.5 out of 5)

I had a real hard time with Moby’s first book. I just couldn’t connect with it, despite its tales of debauchery. He struck me as a techno robot, emotionless and on a preplanned trajectory. This book met with far more success. It is out in hardcover.

Then It Fell Apart picks up where the other book left off. Moby’s album Play is a worldwide smash. Moby is falling apart. The unending adoration, awards, parties, gold Elvis suits, and seemingly endless line of women wanting to “connect” with him is taking its toll. But for all of Moby’s successes, his personal failures threaten to take him down. The drugs and alcohol are paramount to his issues, but the way Moby approaches this book, it seems as if his number one priority is finding the dream relationship to complete him. After awhile, it gets incessant and it gets annoying. I’m single and have had a terrible time meeting someone who isn’t in love with their goldfish existence, but when I get my book going, I’m not going to have that take over the book. It felt like that really took over the book, and it really lost me as a result. Too much is just too much.

Having said that, the rest of the book was quite enjoyable. Moby has some real funny stories that he shares. Except the Donald Trump one. I’m not touching that one. Literally. His recollections of growing up as an only child of a struggling single parent in affluent Conneticut in the 70’s are heartfelt and go a long way toward getting to know why he feels such a need to meet the Right One. The rise and fall of 9/11, through his eyes and mere blocks away, and on his birthday, no less, take you back to that fateful day with another eyewitness account. Except it’s someone who used to eat lunch at the World Trade Center with his grandma, who watched as friends of his fell apart in front of him, someone who couldn’t breathe right for months after that day. Moby’s description of 9/11 will RIP your heart put all over again. It’s definitely another thing that made this book better than the first. More heart!

All in all, not a bad read.

~ by generationgbooks on May 15, 2019.

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