Comedy Sex God by Pete Holmes (4 out of 5)

I have to tell you; I dug the title and the cover. I’m also a little bit familiar with his comedy and his podcast. The title of this is a bit misleading, however. It should have been titled God, Comedy, Sex. Because that’s how heavy the Jesus vibe comes down. This is out in hardback from the folks at Harper.

Our author is known for his HBO specials but mostly for his podcast You Made It Weird. I’m not sure how far the book will take him because if you are expecting a lot of comedy and sex (the good stuff), you are going to be handling the cold heavy hand of rejection. Pete Holmes takes us on a magical mystery tour of his comedy career, his relationships, and his faith. All of which are connected to his upbringing. Holmes wasn’t raised by a strict Christian clan or a cult, but the teachings of his “bad” behavior (smoking, drinking, dirty thoughts, premarital sex) sending him to eternal hellfire feed into his subconscious, leading him to marry his first serious girlfriend at 22, only to be cheated on a few years later and have the marriage screech to a halt. Heartbreak doesn’t come easily to Pete. He slides into many different modes of religion (atheism, Christianity, Yellow Tail) to try to find the one that fits for him. What follows is a treatise on his faith and how much it becomes a part of his life. This book had some truly funny moments but I have to tell you, it was WAY DEEP. I am not a deeply religious person (my God of choice is Nerd Lord, Nathan Fillion), but I enjoyed his trek to the steps of spirituality. You do have to have a sense of humor to read Pete’s book, however. I think a lot of my faith-heavy flock of friends would literally throw the book at me if I didn’t warn them in advance that there is some material they may find objectionable. The appearance of Ram Dass (not a rapper, but a well known spiritualist and author) was a pleasant surprise, and one that stuck around most of the last half of the book. A good read for anyone wanting some dry humor and a lot of spiritual leaning.

~ by generationgbooks on July 22, 2019.

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