TURBULENCE by David Szalay (4 out of 5)

I started this in early June after Wendy from S&S sent me a copy. As always, I thank her. It is out now in hardcover at your local bookseller.

A woman and a man are seatmates on a plane and experience turbulence. After it passes, she opens a dialogue with the man. And it begins. A book that moves from one traveler to another, all traveling from one city to another, with airports few and far between London and Delhi. The storyline moves quickly and fluidly, but as usual, these type of books with the short story arcs infuriate me. You get inside that person’s head and heart- and you do with these characters!- and it ends. This was effective on so many levels, and Szalay has provided multiple emotional landscapes upon which these characters travel with their own forms of turbulence-arrivals and departures of the heart with estranged siblings, lovers, friends, and even alone. The book is a quick read and effective in reaching the readers, but aggravating because it ends after you find yourself giving a crap about the characters. If you want effective characters in a short span, Szalay delivers.

~ by generationgbooks on August 6, 2019.

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