The Whisper Network by Chandler Baker (5 out of 5)

This was a delight. I finished it back in July, a testament of how far behind on this blog I have fallen. I have to say, on the record, that almost every Reese Witherspoon book club pick I have picked up (or in this case, won in a giveaway) was an enjoyable read. This one isn’t only relevant with the #MeToo movement, but with the long term culture in many workplaces if women not being paid/recognized the same as men. Chandler Baker nailed it.

Book clubs will have a field day if they choose this title. When I was running the book club in Burr Ridge, I picked a few books that were not great and there were not a lot of discussion points. This is not the case here! I can see this being a title, if chosen for book clubs, that will instigate a lot of discussion. Or passionate debate.

Ames, the head of Truviv, is possibly up for a huge promotion following the death of Truviv’s owner. The central women figures of The Whisper Network (Sloane, Ardie, Rosalita, and Grace) are horrified at the thoughts of what may happen at Truviv if Ames gets that head honcho job. They set into motion a series of events that will change things for all of them forever. This book I can best describe as 9 to 5 (the movie) meets the #MeToo movement. Throw in a smidge of the women’s solidarity from Big Little Lies and voila…instant hit! I enjoyed this on many levels, and not just because of the current events peppering the morning papers. The characters felt real and none of the things happening in the story felt forced or cliched. It felt like a reckoning was taking place. A long overdue reckoning! The writing itself was crisp and whispering of conspiracies behind other office doors. I liked the balance of current things going on and balanced with humor throughout. Thoroughly enjoyable.

~ by generationgbooks on October 19, 2019.

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