Shamed (Kate Burkholder #11) by Linda Castillo (5 out of 5)

I am a big fan of Linda Castillo. Barbara’s is totally to blame for this. I had not heard of the Kate Burkholder series until I started there. After Michael Cox’s books, Linda Castillo was the next author I picked up. I never looked back. Maybe it was a subconscious nod to my almost Amish lifestyle (see bozo ex #1) or because Amish anything is mocked, misunderstood, or misrepresented. Amish romances, for example. What. The. Hell. Are. They. Why. Do. They. Exist. I mean, sure-the Amish deserve loving as much as the rest of us. But it is a phrase that causes people to look confused when it is said out loud. “Amish romance?”. I wonder-not enough to read one of these barn burners, mind you- how cheesy they are. I wasn’t sure what to think of Linda Castillo’s setting and premise. I would tell anyone who asked that she writes her series and characters like Jodi Picoult. Meaning realistically. No mamby pamby nonsense here. That’s why I enjoy the series so much. Realistic crime and realistic characters who don’t try to cover their scars up with K-Pop bandages.

Kate Burkholder’s latest finds her investigating the murder of an elderly grandmother on an abandoned farm, and the victim’s 7-year old granddaughter has also gone missing. Burkholder heads to an Old Amish settlement where they all seem willing to help at first, before withdrawing and a scary attempt is made on Kate’s life. Can Burkholder, her law enforcement team, and her prosecutor boyfriend Tomasetti find the girl and figure out what happened to the grandmother? All of Castillo’s novels are imbued with realistic shades of modern day life, even among the Amish. This novel scared me with the ferocity of the crimes; for the first time in a long time, I had to stick to reading this one during the day. Castillo’s novels only seem to be getting better as she moves along in the series. And at the end? A little bit of hope to tide us over until the next one. Highly recommended!

~ by generationgbooks on October 28, 2019.

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