Being Elvis: A Lonely Life by Ray Connolly (3 out of 5)

Another Elvis book? ANOTHER ELVIS BOOK??? That’s what I said when Courtney recommended it to me. Courtney works, is a wife and mom to a newborn, she really has valid reasons for not getting reading done! So when she recommended this to me, I bought it. In May. And then my Dad got sick, passed, I moved from one bookstore to a bigger bookstore, life got crazy, etc. I uncovered it in October and read it. It profoundly disturbed me. Elvis’ end disturbed all of his fans, his family, his friends, everyone. He was an icon who was widely adored, but whose last few years had been marred by weight gain, lethargic shows, rambling and incoherent speeches between songs, and the manner in which he passed did not inspire fond memories of the King. If anyone ever needed a reminder of how lonely Elvis Presley’s life was, this is another reminder.

Overall, as a book, it was decent. Although there was a lot of focus on his movie career and not as much on the music. Given the book’s overall vibe, this makes sense because he was greatly depressed because the quality of those movies was nonexistent, and brought him a great deal of grief as a result. But the thing that really sticks with the reader is the hopelessness of the last 5 years of his life, after his marriage ended and he started popping all the pills that shady Dr. Nick prescribed. He just went through the motions. And Connolly reiterates the empty echoes rolling through Graceland toward the end. It is a very dark book. Anyone who has read about the King before may find it darker than most, because Connolly does unearth a lot of psychology in this one. This is currently out and available in paperback.

~ by generationgbooks on December 8, 2019.

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