The Perfect Wife by JP Delaney (3.5 out of 5)

This was released in hardcover in September. I have read and thoroughly enjoyed the first two books by JP Delaney. I also enjoyed this, but certain things from it spurred to post the following review on Goodreads: OMG. What the hell did I just read??

JP Delaney is great at stretching the boundaries of normal to include perversity, psychological mind melds, the dregs of human identity, and throw in a good measure of stunned and welcome disbelief for the reader at the end of the book. All of those same were present here, except add in some sci-fi elements, which was new for this author.

Abbie wakes up, having no memory of what happened to her or why she is in the hospital and feels like a whole new woman. She is…except she is. The man at her side says he is her husband, and she has an adorable little boy, too. But Abbie feels like something is terribly awry. She’s a miracle of modern science, but she is bristling with indecision, fear, anger, jealousy at the nanny who seems super close to her husband and son….human emotions but it seems Abbie may be an android….or is she? You really have no idea until the end, but when you get there, you’re no doubt going “Holy shit”. It’s one of those books, but it superceded even what Delaney has managed with their previous books. If you want something that makes you shake your head and try to figure it out, this is the author for you. The only thing was that some of the things that end up happening, along with reprehensible characters, make you scratch your head. Delaney has not ventured into the science fiction side of the tent until now, but they have done a great job with trying to make it work. Not my favorite of the author’s catalog, but also a new direction, which can’t be said for many authors. The ending erases a lot of those initial quibbles.

~ by generationgbooks on December 8, 2019.

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