Fleishman Is In Trouble by Taffy Brodesser-Akner (3 out of 5)

This was a book hailed as hilarious and a “best of” early in the summer. Having had a shitty summer beyond anything in years past, I really needed a laugh. I did get one. Maybe two. This was not, however, what I thought or what I had read about om the reviews. Moderately funny, absolutely. Falling down, peeing your pants, funny? Not quite.

Toby Fleishman is suffering middle age angst, being short, newly separated, heartbroken and confused, and suddenly very popular. As in, a multitude of women suddenly seeking his attention. This is odd to Toby, as he is very insular and used to rejection the way I am used to inhaling popcorn. This new life is hard for him to adjust to. Toby is a liver specialist by day, juggling his kids every other weekend, and now juggling ladies the way swingers juggle keys. It’s all quite the balancing act- and a lot of the book’s humor is in the juggling- that goes off the beaten path when Toby’s ex wife drops the kids off and disappears into thin air. His guilt over his disintegrating marriage and the welfare of his kids’ mother drive him to act out in not the smartest of the ways. More humor comes along, but Toby’s constant belittlement of his actions before and during her disappearance start to bug the reader. It started to bug me, at least. The ending? What the hell was that ending? It really blew this book out of top 10 status for me. I had hoped for better things. Overall, charming…but that ending and Toby’s incessant dwelling upon every little thing that went wrong in his marriage grated on the nerves big time.

~ by generationgbooks on December 27, 2019.

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