A Killer Edition (A Booktown Mystery #13) by Lorna Barrett (4 out of 5)

Another dependable genre series that I still read whenever a new one is released. This one came out in early summer, and unlike the last one, I had no idea who did it this time! Add to that a lot of twists and half of Tricia’s staff threatening to quit the bookstore for no apparent reason and it became even more of a mystery.

This time around Tricia joins the board of the local animal rescue, where everyone and their porcupine seem out to get her. She enters the Great Stoneham Bake-off, after developing a knack for baking tasty treats. She gets dragged-unwittingly, as always- into a nasty fight between romance bookstore owner Joyce and her next door neighbor Vera, over a tree and a property dispute. Tricia finds the murdered Vera in Joyce’s garden shortly afterwards, and of course the town’s ever helpful residents lump Tricia in with the investigation. I still don’t get why she stays in this fucking town. I know she loves her sister, her pets, and her bookstore and its employees, but book after book and murder after murder, and Tricia bemoans her remaining in Booktown and the unfairness of the presumption of guilt in every one. Leave! Barrett, let her leave and relocate or stop the whining tone in the books. Other than my bitching about this, I really do still enjoy the books and more often than not, the recipes present. Good stuff. #13 is not the unlucky one, but rather an enjoyable whodunit with an interesting side story about animal rescues.

~ by generationgbooks on December 28, 2019.

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