Wham! George Michael & Me by Andrew Ridgeley (4 out of 5)

People are still making fun of me for this book, and I read it back in October! I was a fan of Wham UK!, as they were first known, and then Wham! I was also stunned when we lost George Michael on Christmas Day, 2016. When I found out Andrew Ridgeley, the other half of the group, had written a memoir about his time with the group and his friendship with George, I was in.

It’s not a book where I was gutted reading it. That designation would belong to the posthumous Prince bio, The Beautiful Ones. I spent a hour reading it on Christmas Eve and had to stop, then go back and read it over the next month in installments. It was too much. This was a more whimsical, at times outright fun, look back at the magical decade known as the 80’s.

When Andrew and George became best mates at school, it was, as it often is, a tale of opposites attracting. It grew into a story of two souls united by their loved of music and a fervent desire to make it big. It’s a story of music, the times, friendship, faith, and ultimately, change. George’s desire to go solo ends up bringing an amicable end to Wham, although Andrew and his friendship never wavered. We know that George went onto superstardom, and that Andrew went onto a more normal, quiet lifestyle. What we didn’t know was the true story of brotherhood between these two men, and that’s what Ridgeley has captured so well here. Highly recommended for anyone who loved the duo, Andrew or George alone, or 80’s music fans. Just a great story of friendship.

~ by generationgbooks on January 29, 2020.

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