Acid for the Children by Flea (4 out of 5)

I was so excited to hear about this one back in 2018. Then they postponed it- for a whole year! As books come and go, I survived my crazy year with twenty million other books instead. Yet I was still ridiculously excited when it was released; even more so because I got sent a free copy! It’s the free advance reads in life, people.

Flea has been bassist with the Red Hot Chili Peppers for decades. He’s known for his free-wheeling funk and free spirited booty shaking. Not to mention his awesome bass playing (listen to their cover of Stevie Wonder’s “Higher Ground” for inspirational boogie stomps, courtesy of that bass). He’s been front and center with charities through the years. Bringing you inside the mind of that man? Well, the book does do that. But it also brings you into the heart of that man, and the heartbreak after the death of friend and fellow Pepper, Hillel Slovak. We visit the RHCP colony, although not in as much detail as one would expect (Anthony Kiedis is far more forthcoming about his bandmates and their history in his memoir, Scar Tissue). The thing that made it hard for me to hold Flea’s memoir together in my mind was the randomness of the chapters. There is not much order to how he parcels it together, but it is entertaining, at least. Someone with ADD or ADHD may have a spot of trouble with it but it’s possible to soldier through. So really, that is my only complaint. The stream of consciousness style in which he presents his story is disarming, but in a Krispy Kreme- glazed-sort of way. You really do find your way after awhile.

~ by generationgbooks on January 31, 2020.

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