This Week In Books!(Holy Mother of Books Week)

As promised, this week yielded many temptations in literary form!

Borrowed from Store:   Gone Missing- Linda Castillo. Girl in the Steel Corset- Kady Cross.

Bought: Nothing this week. Trying to catch up before I buy more(not to mention, many of my normal favorites come out in July/August). 

Free Books to the Store(via publishers and ABA): Thomas Jefferson’s Creme Brulee- Thomas J. Craughwell. Night Watch- Linda Fairstein.  Special thanks to ABA and Dutton for those.

Books Won:(giveaways): Yellow Birds- Kevin Powers. Lure of Shapinsay- Krista Holle. Chosen Ones-Tiffany Truitt. The Devil in Silver- Victor LaValle. Live By Night- Dennis LeHane. Kiss Me, I’m Irish-Bella Street. Special thank you to Krista Holle, a newfound friend and published novelist, for remembering to send me the book 3 months later. It’s good to know some still keep their promises.

Books from Authors(for review): None this week. It’s been a wild week and not too much communicating with the author community on Goodreads. I have to read and review these wonderful books, and I have been busy editing. 🙂 So peace and hopefully new good stuff this week!

~ by generationgbooks on June 24, 2012.

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  1. love this, Nick Hornby.

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