Duranalysis: essays on the Duran Duran experience by Morgan Richter (5 out of 5)

I found Morgan on Twitter….Before that, I was following her fun blog, Preppies of the Apolocalypse. (Psstt….Check it out). Before that, I was in the international coven of horny, ruffle distracted Duranies, along with her and many others. I was screwed (I wish!) from the minute that “Planet Earth” video premiered on MV50, free TV in Chicago’s answer to MTV. No, we didn’t have MTV until MUCH later. I kept seeing Morgan’s depictions of scenes in Duran videos, and her version of what was said. I giggled. Then I found out the mother lode- she had a BOOK coming out. On Duran Duran. Personally, more Duranies need to write books. First, the lovely Elisa Lorello’s memoir, “Friends Of Mine: Thirty Years in the Life of a Duran Duran Fan”, and now Morgan’s book. You guys know how much I love books…Obviously, this little blog passed 5 years in April. If I make it that long, October will be be 18 years I have been in the book managing business. And yes, they DO have a future. And yes, hopefully, so do more Duran Duran books like this. What fun! I don’t know the lovely Morgan well, but I do know this…She can write, she’s hilarious, and as I tweeted to her a few days ago, I feel like she’d crawled up into some small area of my cerebral closet and had been hiding there for years. That’s how spot-on she is with her essays. 

Highlights? Many. Memories? None careless, all fun. Personally, Nick’s seemingly being murdered by the ruffled monostrosity he’s wearing in the “Planet Earth” video is probably my favorite, but there are many more to choose from, my lovelies. I was pleased to see that Morgan also believes the boys should not dance (Anyone non-Duranie who is confused? Check out the end of the “New Moon on Monday” video.). I was also pleased to see she was perplexed by Nick’s tweed torture chamber that he wears in the “Union of the Snake” video. I have to go back and re-watch “Arena” now, because I definitely do NOT recall this erotic John Taylor-Heinken moment that she reminds us of. Sweet Lord, I am thirsty. (Shut up!). Morgan charts the expertly-eye linered obstacle course that is the career of my favorite band. I feel she has just tapped the surface of Duran Duran. Maybe one of the rest of us will ruminate further on the rest, or we’ll be further entertained by a follow-up on the boys. I hope this is the case! I fucking loved it, and I promise you will too! 


~ by generationgbooks on April 25, 2017.

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